Case Study - Taste Masking

Did you ever bite a chili? Hot, isn‘t it? This is due to the capsaicin content in those vegetables. Studies show however, that it is very healthy and reduces the probability of cardiovascular disease ( Additionally capsaicin has health effects on digestion, and also is commonly used in human and animal nutrition. The more capsaicin is consumed, the higher are the effects.

It would be so easy if it would not be so hard to eat those hot chili peppers. Not everybody wants to eat spicy food four times a week. So, those people cannot profit of these health effects, correct?

Absolutely not! The BRACE Microsphere processes offer a simple way of consuming even high amounts of capsaicin without side effects. How come? Well, the excellent encapsulation of many (strong tasting) ingredients in vegetable fats or hydrocolloids provides a complete taste masking while the release in the intestine provides a great take up in the body.

Also for animal nutrition the effects are highly significant. Lastly animals benefit from a high capsaicin intake, too – or from other strong tasting natural actives such as garlic or essential oils –, while also prefer their food less spicy – BRACE Microspheres come in handy as they can be added anytime to any nutrition and will be consumed without problems.

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