Spherisator Series

Drip Casting

BRACE has understood that besides the work in technical- and production size there also exists a demand for desktop and smaller development and production units. For this the Spherisator series was developed. This series is a set of units with different capacities for development and production work. It starts with the Spherisator µ, that can be used with one matrix- or core-shell-nozzle, for feasibility tests and small scale encapsulation. The Spherisator M2 can be equipped with different drip casting units for capacities of up to 10 L/h for development and for pilot production with capacities of up to 100 L/h.

The Spherisator Series is a most versatile microsphere and microcapsule processing line of machinery. It is used in all industries worldwide for developing, piloting and production purposes to produce very high grade spherical particles. It is possible to produce Microspheres and Microcapsules in the same machine. All units are highly extensible with a huge array of options, even capacity upgrades by exchanging nozzle plates or drip casting units are anytime simple and easily possible.

All units are designed with scale up in mind. Naturally this means that all results with any of those small devices is fully transferable for any larger unit. Or, in fact, transferable on any other BRACE unit. The dream of scaling up comes true: The formulation from the lab can be used 1:1 in the production unit!

How is this done? First of all, the units are designed under aspects of industrial units. This means that controls and connections are of the same quality as you would expect in a production unit. Of course, in a laboratory which is clean and only highly educated staff is working it would be okay to build the unit differently. But this would sacrifice the compatibility with any production unit.

Secondly, the options that can be found in production units are available for the desktop and laboratory units, too. It is in that way really possible to simulate a production unit to the full extend.

Besides the obvious extensions with various vessels of different size, reaction tanks, heating chambers, cooling towers etc. also a large selection of continuous production options is available. So even with a small device as a Spherisator M2 it is possible to produce continuously on significant scale up to 100 L/h.

Additionally BRACE offers a number of standard accessories for our drip casting units. Those devices are recommended for the daily use and maintenance of the units. We have certified the equipment shown for best results and offer them together with our units as the best match. In this catalogue you will find a selection or options designed for optimum performance on each performance level. These options are for the most commonly used materials.

Other options include a glove box version, containment, pharmaceutical units, special material handling, customer taylored parts etc. As the amount of options is huge and of course we design and build permanently new options and scale-down-versions of production equipment for the Spherisator series, it is not possible to give a full account of all options. If you do not find the options you need or need a different combination, you can fill out the inquiry form or contact us directly via email, phone or contact form.