Case Study - Soluspheres

In many applications such as drinks, liquid feed products or even other food products as dough or gummy bears, oil soluble components as flavours, oily ingredients or colourants have to be emulsified. This can be a difficult and energy consuming process - unless you use the BRACE Soluspheres. Just add them to water and immediately an emulsion with the ingredient of your choice will be formed !

Hydrophobic ingredients such as flavours, oils, colourants, but also vitamins etc., are used in numerous applications. Those ingredients have to be emulsified either with high energy mixers or by adding emulsifiers. The effects of those emulsifiers in the application can often be only be evaluated by extensive testing, while high energy mixers can also have unexpected side effects, if they can be used at all.

The BRACE Solusphere are the one-stop solution. Soluspheres encapsulate hydrophobic ingredients and transform then into dry, long term storable, simple to dose Microspheres, that dissolve after adding within seconds. Instantly, a stable emulsion is formed. There is no simpler way!

Naturally – as typical for the flexible BRACE Microencapsulation processes – (almost) any ingredient can be encapsulated. Additional materials used are of natural origin, so that no labelling issue occurs. On top of that, the ingredients are protected against environmental influences as oxidation, and the highly efficient smell masking also avoids the premature loss of volatile ingredients.

With unlimited applications such as soft drinks (e.g. flavour), dairy products (e.g. milk mixers), flavoured Tee (e.g. herbal or fruit tee), animal nutrition (e.g. additions for half solid or solid feed), colourants (e.g. dough), etc., the Soluspheres are a truly universal product.

That is not enough for you? For us neither ! That is why we developed those formulations for additional application areas as suspensions, minerals, bacteria and many more.

With Soluspheres you can do everything – or even more. Contact us today to find how our technology can support your application!