Consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak - Update

Protective measurements to reduce the spread of COVID-19


As the health of our employees, customers and suppliers and their families are our main priority, we have decided to put the following restrictions immediately in place:

  • We have a strict "2G" Policy. That means that any entry to our premises is only allowed for fully vaccinated or fully recovered persons. In accordance with management for special cases, a negative PCR test, not older than 24h can be used.
  • Vaccinated/recovery passes are checked before entry.
  • All meetings except those that are absolutely mandatory are to be converted into video-/teleconferences
  • Physical contact (shake hands) is to be avoided
  • Please keep a minimum distance of not less than 1.5m at any time
  • Deliveries are possible, however, please keep your distance. This is not a sign of disrespect but a sign of respecting you health
  • Our employees are still available by email and phone. The phone will be answered as usual. In case your contact is directly affected by the virus, we have protocols in place to continue the service seamless
  • A visit from a country which is considered by the Government of Germany a "Virusvariant Country" or a country for which a "Travel Warning" is issued, is only possible for fully vaccinated persons and after any mandatory quarantine is finished.
  • All visitors should wear mask, especially when the social distancing of at last 1,5m cannot be followed
  • Please use frequently and generously the disinfection solutions provided.
  • We reserve the right to measure the body temperature before entering our premises of any person desiring to enter
  • Showing symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, temperature...) will render it impossible to enter our premises
  • Please contact us shortly before the planned visit in case any circumstances have changed.

Thank you for your understanding. For any questions feel free to contact us anytime at +49 6188 991757 or at

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