Case Study - Flavor Capsules

In our industrial world, most of the food is not purely home made anymore, but contains preprocessed ingredients. As this is a gift for everyone in our short timed world, preprocessed food has to compete to different standards as home made kitchen. While no one would complain about natural ingredients to taste differently depending on where they were purchased, how old they are etc., preprocessed food needs to be of identical taste for all batches produced on any day. Additionally some of the natural flavor is lost during processing, storage and transport.

On the other hand, many foods are not targeted to the kitchen anymore, but are ready foods, candies, chewing gum etc. Those have special needs for flavoring and acceptability for different groups of buyers. In those kinds of food the nutritious content should match all possible personal, health and religious needs a potential customer can have. E.g. allergens, pork or alcohol should be avoided wherever possible.

Food industries have developed over the last years ways of preparing flavors to meet many of the requirements mentioned above. However, since the powderous formulations rely heavily on spray dried products, they show the typical problems for this product class of granules. As process parameters can change during spray drying, e.g. the color of the product may change and a complete batch may be rejected by the customer. Even though these problems can be solved by the BRACE Microsphere units, the microencapsulation processes have been proven to be able to even go far beyond the capabilities of the spray dried products.

With the BRACE Microencapsulation processes it is possible to prepare real core-shell-type Microcapsules.

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