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BRACE Company Presentation

BRACE Microsphere Process

An introduction to the BRACE processes for Microgranulation and Microencapsulation and a overview over the services of development, contract manufacturing and equipment of BRACE.


A Leap Forward to Shaping Better Products – Microencapsulation and Microgranulation

Webinar at the FIE Connect 2020

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Improving products is a continuous challenge, but vibrational drip casting helps to take a big leap forward. With extremely narrow size distributions, and the possibility to taylor formulations in all aspects, BRACE vibrational drip casting technology offers outstanding opportunities to shape better products. Ranging from instant products, over core-shell encapsulation, controlled release actives, and not yet ending at instant emulsifying/dispering fully spherical Microspheres, all products are better - in the right shape.

Drip Casting Technologies at BRACE

Webinar at Indonesia Conference on Food Ingredients 2022