Laboratory Drum Drier

Several processes are available for the drying of microspheres and microcapsules. For the drying of sensitive goods BRACE developed special drum driers. These driers are helpful especially for the drying of microspheres with an oily core which can start to leak when overdried. Furthermore, BRACE drum driers can be used for the safe and easy drying of nearly every kind of spheric granules. The particles are kept in motion by a conditioned air breeze which reduces the risk of a particle deformation at the drier walls to a minimum. BRACE drum driers can be designed to be very little space consuming and can be used for batchwise and continuos drying. It is even possible to dry microcapsules with volatile or sensitive cores to a specified residual moisture.

Production Scale Dryer

To dry larger quantities starting at ca. 60 L wet material, a different type of drier is better suited. BRACE offers vibrational fluid bed driers for production use. They are very efficient and extremely gentle to the drying goods. Especially the drying of capsules can be performed easily without the risk of overdrying. They are available as batch version up to several hundred kg per batch, and as well as continuous drying systems.